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Cold Data Storage

  • Data Recovery: Rely on the strong technical background and data recovery experience of the State Information Centre of China, CEInet provides customers with data recovery backup services of magnetic disk, hard disk, optical disk, flash disk and many other media.
  • Data Analysis: CEInet manages a specialised technical management team to help customers sort out data in different media (including magnetic disk, hard disk, optical disk, flash disk and paper), thereby to facilitate customers’ long-term data storage, visit and analysis.
  • Data Storage: Blue-ray storage rack is specially designed for data centre usage, which can handle long-term massive date storage for customers with the storage life of 50 years. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is cut by more than 40% compared with traditional media.
  • Data Backup: CEInet owns a data centre netwrok across the country including Beijing, Jinan, Dongguan, Dalian, Harbin and Hong Kong, providing customers with local and remote data disaster recovery, visit and access services.
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